Committee Convenes To Facilitate Eid Al-Fitr-To-Eid Al-Adha Homecoming

The committee established to facilitate the #GreatEthiopianHomeComing under the banner: “Eid al-Fitr-to -Eid al-Adha” has convened on Monday to deliberate preliminary plans to host the program.

It is to be recalled that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, addressing the Parliament in February 2022,  had called upon the Muslim diaspora to return home for Ramadan to repeat the success of the #GreatEthiopianHomeComing that yielded encouraging outcomes as a result of the contribution by the diaspora.

Presiding over the meeting, Birtukan Auano, State Minister of the Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia recalled the spectacular success of the #GreatEthiopianHomeComing last December and underlined the need to make the Eid al-Fitr-to-Eid al-Adha call reflective of Ethiopia’s immense cultural, religious, and historical values.

Ustaz Abubakar Ahmed, overseeing the committee along with Ambassador Birtukan Ayano, said the program would help build the country’s image and relations with others besides promoting Ethiopia’s Islamic values, tourism potential, and economic activities.

Attendees commented that the Eid al-Fitr-to-Eid al-Adha program would register successful results drawing invaluable experience from the #GreatEthiopianHomeComing.

The committee comprising 16 government institutions, in collaboration with Nejashi Charity Organization and Halal Promotion Plc, will facilitate the program.

The Committee will announce details of the program in the upcoming days.