An Australian Warship Captured Pirates And Blew Up Their Boats Off Somalia Australian Navy ship has captured Somali pirates who had fired upon a super-tanker off the coast of the country, located in the Horn of Africa.

HMAS Melbourne, which destroyed the pirates’ boats, was patrolling as part of a multi-national anti-piracy task force.

Nine men were arrested, after a Seahawk helicopter traced the skiffs and guided the Royal Australian Navy warship to them, 500 nautical miles off the Somali coast, according to a statement from Combined Maritime Forces.

Once the pirates — who are also believed to have recently fired upon a Spanish fishing vessel — were off the skiffs, an Australian navy helicopter blew them up.

Two skiffs were destroyed along with “associated pirate equipment”.

The Combined Maritime Forces are a cooperative effort between 29 countries which patrol international water, guarding against piracy.

“It is clear that there are still pirates out there determined to generate income from taking merchant ships hostage,” said HMAS Melbourn commanding officer Commander Brian Schlegel in a statement.

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